How QManager Enhances Security at PreSchools

Children’s safety at school is a huge concern for parents and the school staff. While most schools have policies, rules and codes in place to protect kids when they are on their premises, they don’t always have the best solutions when it comes to dismissal. It is unfortunate but statistics show that a huge 38% percent of child kidnappings take place when the kids are either going to the school or coming back from it, this includes divorced parents picking up children when they’re not supposed to. It can be a forgettable statistic for someone who has never been through a tough situation of having a missing child, but it should be alarming for any responsible parent in the US that a child abduction or missing case takes place in the US every 40 seconds.

Dismissal Management Is Crucial for Schools

The above statistics make it clear that schools have to be extra careful when the dismissal time comes. While talking about the safety of child pedestrians, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention talk specifically mention the protection of kids when going to or coming back from school i.e. the routes they take. The dismissal time is crucial because that’s when the outside of the school is crowded and chaotic. Since most schools depend on conventional and manual ways to sign in and sign out kids, they end up compromising the safety of the kids.

Common Child Safety Issues at Dismissal

Here are the common child safety issues that do and can take place at dismissal.

  • Children can get lost due to a lot of traffic and crowd.
  • The excessive noise can also upset children and make it difficult for them to find their parents in the crowd.
  • Some stranger or unauthorized person can abduct the child and no one would know due to the turmoil.
  • A little distraction and lack of attention from the staff can result in some unauthorized person signing the kid out of the school.
  • As a result of the excessive crowd and extreme congestion, pedestrian accidents can take place hurting not only children but also the adults.

Such incidents and poor management of the traffic at dismissal also results in attracting bad reputation for the school and driving business away from it.

Is There an Effective Solution?

Yes, learning from the discrepancies of the outdated manual systems for signing the children in and out, an effective technological solution can get things under control. QManager is an example of that exact solution. In a world where “smart” solutions are prevalent, it only makes sense to come up with a smart technological solution that takes care of the issue effortlessly and without making parents go through a long learning curve.

How QManager enhances security:

  • Staff will have more power as they will be able to visually see whether or not the legit parents or guardians are there to receive their children.
  • Abductions will be near-impossible as QManager gives staff an extra pair of eyes to validate parent identity through the app.
  • Fast processing and quick checkouts will help schools reduce crowds at a faster rate and make dismissals less risky.
  • With a more secure system in place, there will be little to no chance of children getting lost.
  • Fewer pedestrian accidents will occur as overcrowded situations will be completely avoided.

Modern technological solutions can take care of things much more efficiently even when it comes to someone trying to break the system. For example, as soon as a registered phone of a parent gets lost or stolen, the parents can instantly have it de-authorized and removed from school’s records. In a nutshell, an efficient management of dismissal queues will make schools much safer for kids, parents and school staff.