Preview of case studies from our customers:

1. The crowded lobby - Bellevue Montessori
QManager’s simplified yet complete electronic dismissal system allows Bellevue Montessori to save paper and time during arrivals and dismissal. As QManager’s first ever school, the director and staff at Bellevue Montessori were part of designing the solution.

2. Stopping the paper chase - Jarrow Montessori
QManager's electronic Sign-in Sign-Out system and daily attendance reports help Jarrow Montessori save time at drop off and pick up every day, while keeping better track of its students.

3. Long dismissal lines - Westminster Academy
QManager’s easy onboarding process and advanced notification system had an immediate impact on Westminster Christian Academy’s dismissal process: a 57% reduction in student wait time and a much shorter, faster-moving line of waiting cars.

4. Managing After School Programs - Pease Academy
QManager’s simplified electronic student sign-in/sign-out and real-time information updates allow Pease Academy to transition students securely and seamlessly from its regular school day to aftercare and to track dismissal to an authorized guardian.