QManager FAQ

Getting Started

The FREE trial starts when you are ready and lasts 30 days (easily extendable if needed). It is completely FREE. We will even send you a tablet if you need.

We will create an account for your school, camp or child care center and you can start trialing within 24 hours. We will upload your family data with our SECURE and ENCRYPTED script. You can trial the software with a few parents and children or with everyone. Contact Us and we'll get you started.

We will upload your family data with our SECURE and ENCRYPTED script so you don't have to. All you need is to export the data into a spreadsheet. If you have tecnical staff, they can use our script to upload as well.

How QManager Works

QManager streamlines the end-to-end arrivals and dismissal process at schools, camps and child care centers. Parents run QManager on their smartphone once they park in your driveway during arrivals and dismissal. At the same time, your staff login to our app on a tablet and see a virtual line up of parents in the driveway. This allows them to manage dismissal. Parents can then sign on your tablet or on their own smartphone.

Yes. QManager allows you to add guardians e.g., nannies, grandparents, uncles, aunts and even other parents. These guardians can then pick the parent's children up as well. You can also use our "Bus Driver Feature" to assign children to the appropriate bus and track their arrival and dismissal. For more information on this feature, please request a demo.

Parents can use QManager on Android, iPhone and Windows Phone devices. Staff manage dismissal on an iPad (Chrome and Windows devices coming soon). QManager uses the GPS and data services on parents' phones.

Parents who don't have a smartphone sign using the staff's iPad. Dismissal for these parents or guardians will still be faster than signing on paper. However, parents who don't have a smartphone can not transmit their location to the staff's tablet.


Your data is encrypted in our database. Our database and web services reside on secure servers behind the latest firewalls and and in a secure facility. Our cloud is hosted with www.Sectorlink.com, a reputable Michigan based company. For further informaiton, click here to see our privacy and security notice.

For general pricing, please visit our pricing page or contact us.