Press Release

SEATTLE, April 28th, 2014 - The Redmond based company, Mobile Queue Technologies, Inc.,

has developed an app that is used by parents and school staff to improve the student arrival and dismissal process in turn helping to manage traffic around schools. The QManager app, which has already been adopted by thirteen private schools, two public schools and two daycares, enables parents to sign their children in and out of school using their smartphones. This brand new technology was created to eliminate parking lot congestion, increase speed and efficiency, and enhance student security in schools and daycares.

The app, which has been in the market for over 3 years, is currently being used by over 7,000 parents and guardians and is quickly growing in popularity in both private and public educational facilities throughout the country. “Many schools may already have an older ‘desktop’ type method but our mobile solution is much more robust, stable and easier to use”, explains founder and CEO Moazzam Ahmed. The QManager app meets the growing needs of schools and parents while being a fully-electronic mobile solution.

How does it work? Once parents are enrolled in the QManager system they receive a unique code used to register their smartphone. Upon registration they are able to sign in or out on their smartphones while in close proximity to their child’s school. Within seconds school staff receive notification on their tablet that the parent has signed for their child. Teachers can quickly get students to and from cars, keeping traffic moving smoothly. Guardians, including family members, nannies, babysitters, etc., can be added and removed from the database as often as needed. If a parent or guardian forgets to bring their smartphone, does not have a smartphone, or chooses not to register, they can sign using the school’s tablet.

QManager stores signatures, dates and times of all student arrivals and dismissals. Authorized school staff can access this information via QManager’s secure servers, which can be shared with state officials if requested. All communication between the user’s smartphone and the school is encrypted.

“Using QManager, schools and daycare centers can save up to $75/day by using fewer resources while increasing security and reducing chaos. Parents and students save time and can get home sooner. Less traffic congestion also means that the school’s neighbors are happier”, says Mr. Ahmed.

The patent-pending app is free for parents to download and available at a minimal, no-contract monthly cost for schools. For more information, visit or contact Moazzam Ahmed at 425-224-6336.