An end-to-end solution

From your driveway to the classroom,
from traffic management to Sign In/Sign Out,
QManager increases accountabillity and safety at your School, Camp or Child Care Center.

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Control your campus

As dismissal begins, parents run QManager on their smart phones. Our cutting-edge “dynamic dismissal list” replaces expensive equipment such as walkie-talkies. Staff run Qmanager on an iPad and see a virtual line up of parents in the driveway allowing staff to identify parents and dismiss children in a secure, efficient and expedited manner.

Strengthen the Home-School Connection

Communicate, collaborate and connect with parents using the in-app alerts and push notifications. It’s as easy as sending an e-mail but will reach parents’ phones immediately. Messages can be sent to the whole school or only to the parents of students from a particular classroom, making it even simpler to keep in touch.