The following security measures ensure only adults authorized by parents and the school pick children up during dismissal

QManager is built on top of the school's existing secure procedures.

QManager does not over-ride or do away with any of the school's existing arrival, dismissal and signature capture process. Schools have their own security measures (usually visual recognition) before handing children over. QManager does not over-ride this fail-safe method. The foundation of QManager's security is that the school has to first enroll a parent at the school (usually done in person) and then add their information into QManager's system. Hence no part of QManager can ever be used by anyone who is not part of the school's system.

The Unique Key puts the parent in control

When the school assigns a unique key (which is encrypted in our database) to a parent, it is unique to them and should be protected, like an email password. This unique key is emailed to an email address provided by the parent to the school or collected in person by the parent at the school. Furthermore, when parents use their unique key and full name to register their Smart Phone with QManager, it ensures only they can claim and sign for their child. Parents also need this unique key to log in to our website and authorize/de-authorize other adults to pick their children up..

What about lost phones?

As mentioned above, schools have their own security measure in handing children over at dismissal. If an unidentified person uses QManager to claim a child, school staff will still follow this procedure regardless of QManager's features. If parents lose their phone, they can login to our website and de-authorize their phone, or they can call the school and have them de-authorize the lost phone. The phone also does not save the unique key, parent's name and child's name on it. Parent's signature is also not accessible without the unique key.

Minimal personal information stored

We do not collect parents' ID numbers, social security numbers etc. QManager uses only first and last names of parents and their children. Optionally, we store parents' email address and phone number so we can email the unique key to them. If parents opt out of providing an email address, they can visit the school and get their unique key.

Signature and arrival/dismissal information

The core feature and value QManager provides to schools is the capturing and storge of parents' signature and arrival/dismissal timestamp. This information is kept on our secure database and no one but the school has access to it.

Parent's location is not tracked once they turn QManager off

We show parent's location to the school so they can speed up dismissal. Only the school can see a parent's location. Once a parent turns QManager off, their location is not shown to the school.

Online data exchange between mobile devices

All communication between the parent's phone and school's ipad is encrypted!

Secure hardware and database

We host our servers and database with an established provider, Sectorlink. Their servers are stored in a secure location and monitored 24/7. Our database is protected with a password and only our IT department has access to it.

We are continuously enhancing QManager security.

Keep watching this page for updates. If you are concerned that any of this information can be used maliciously, please contact us. Click here for our EULA.

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