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    QManager is a software solution that makes dismissal and Sign In/Sign Out smoother and faster at Schools, Camps and Child Care Centers.

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    Staff download QManager on an iPad or login on a browser on any device to manage dismissal.

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    Optionally, parents can download and run QManager on their smartphones (Android, Windows or iPhone). This allows staff to see their location in the driveway. Staff can then dismiss children in the right order.

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    Staff manage family data and run reports on our portal.

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    QManager helps you clear your driveway safely and efficiently. As parents arrive to pick their children up they run QManager on their smartphones. Staff see a list of parents and children on an iPad. Staff can then dismiss children and swipe names off the list.

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    Staff can also see a map view of parents in their driveway. You can set a perimeter around the school e.g., 1000 ft so you only see parents inside that range.

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    Both the map and tabular views can be filtered by Classroom. This allows you to keep children in their classrooms instead of a large hall which in turn reduces noise and chaos.

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    Go paperless with Sign In/Sign Out on an iPad placed on your lobby counter.

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    Optionally, parents can sign on their smartphones (Android, iPhone or Windows) or as they walk to the lobby. This helps speed up arrivals and dismissal.

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    Signatures are securely stored on the cloud for 7 years ready to be printed or exported to a spreadsheet. Pass state certification with flying colors!

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    Attendance, Absentee, Tardy! View, print or export to Excel with a few clicks!

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    Since parents have signed electronically, staff can calculate Activity Club charges with a few clicks.

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    Retrieve timestamps and signatures from past years with ease. Print or export to spreadsheet for state certification.

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    Stay in touch with parents. Send instant or text alerts straight to parents' smartphones.

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    Send by student, by parent, by classroom or to the whole school.

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